December 26, 2015



We are trying hard to be ready for milking this time around (we weren't ready with the cow). A couple things need to be in place asap. 1) A safe, warm, dry place for the kids to be born. 2) A way to eventually seperate the kids from the mom. 3) A place to milk the goat. 

1) We cleaned out most of the cow stall (the front is still too muddy from melting snow to do much with) and added a 2x12 across the bottom to seperate out an area for kidding. The board just hold the straw in place, not the goats. (lol) We will put up a...

December 20, 2015


We said good-bye to Estelle today. She went to her new home on the other side of town where I know she will be happier than she was here. Her new home has a herd of Dexters, which I'm sure she'll be happy to be a part of, instead of being the only adult cow here. She is a good cow, I've just decided that cows aren't for us right now. I hadn't thought it through that we'd have 2-3 cows or more (her plus her babies) at all times just to keep her in milk. I also hadn't thought through getting her pregnant. 1) Giving a cow a...

December 19, 2015

Welcome to our new redesigned website. Unfortunately this means the old blog is no longer on the same site. You can see the archived enteries at: 

Please let us know if you have any questions/concerns/comments. Thanks and enjoy!

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