January 5, 2017

I follow a lot of livestock groups on facebook and no matter the animal, the topic of animals in winter comes up a lot this time of year. The most helpful information I have found in making decisions here on the farm is the lower critical temperature (LCT) of an animal. This is the temperature at which an animal needs additional care including shelter and/or extra feed. That means above these temps (up to their higher limit of comfortable when they need help cooling down) the animals are fine with NORMAL care, and at or be...

January 5, 2017

Since writing my last blog post about chicken feed, I've changed things again. I now order from New Country Organics. Since they don't have milo I had to change my recipe a bit. Here is the new one...

1 batch - in lbs

50 wheat

28 oats

28 barley

13 corn

5 rice bran

1 sunflower

1 flax

I also add a small amount of kelp but didn't include above because I don't use it in my protein calculations and don't know how much I use for this size batch. 

This recipe works out to ~19% protein. This is what I use in the winter. I plan to remove the...

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