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May 28, 2020

1yr old polled doe, gopher ears. F1 - born 4/13/19 to Holly/Buddy. Can be registered.

Wants to take treats but lowest of the pack and gets pushed away by all the other goats. I think she'll warm up quickly on a new farm. She has taken treats from me if no other goats are around. Open ready to breed.



April 16, 2020

Buddy - F3, polled, gopher ears, registered. Proven buck from excellent lines. Very friendly and gentle, not Buckish at all. 

DOB 05/10/2016



April 16, 2020

F3 Mini mancha doe , gopher ears, polled - DOB 03/18/2019 born to Jupiter/Buddy. Can be registered.

Ready for her new home. Was $200, discounted to $150

Her baby will be weaned in mid/late-July and she'll be ready for her new home then. I've put her on the milkstand to get her used to it and she's doing great. Jumps right up and stands nicely. 

I do not recommend her for breeding for milking lines. She has a lopsided udder that I would not want to pass on. But if someone wants a milk for their family, she comes from extended milking lines so she shouldn't need to be bred to continue milking for years to come. She is also sweet and loves treats, so she'll make a good pet/companion. 


April 16, 2020

F3 doeling. Horned. Gopher ears. Born to Jupiter/Buddy on 3/14/20. Can be registered.

A little sweetheart! She loves humans. 

Waiting list for Holly's kids

August 29, 2017

Spring 2020 kids

$200 - $75 non refundable deposit

Waiting list for Jupiter's kids

August 29, 2017

Spring 2020 kids



doelings  - $300 

buckling - $150

disbudded - 

doelings - $250

buckling - $100

wethers - $75 (discount given if bought with another goat)

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