Meet our adult goats! Clockwise from noon we have Neptune (buck), Nike (doe), Arty (wether), Jupiter (doe), Lazzy (doe), and Holly (doe) up front.

For details of each goat, to see breeding plans, and to get on a waiting list, please visit our breeding page

Our perfect goat is a small goat that is still tall enough to milk comfortably, is friendly, good on the stand, has a good feed to milk ratio, can maintain condition without grains, milking longevity, good mother/breeder, nice udder attachment, good teats for hand milking, gives enough milk for consumption, soap, and cheese, and overall healthy without the use of chemicals.

We find the Mini Manchas fit our needs perfectly. A mini mancha is a mix of a Nigerian and LaMancha goats. Nigerians are known for their sweet milk, it is the highest in butterfat of all goats/cows. Their personalities match their milk, sweet! While LaManchas are known for their high milk production and calm personalities. Blend these together for a Mini Mancha and you have the perfect homestead goat. High butterfat, sweet milk, and calm, friendly personalities. Our goats are like dogs. They follow us around, love scratches, and even walk on a leash (we've taken Arty on many walks). They don't require as much food as full size goats or the same tall fencing. Our goats are all contained with 4x4 welded wire fencing. 


In our herd we have polled (naturally hornless), horned, blue eyed and brown eyed goats that fit our perfect goat criteria.

All adult goats have been tested for CAE and Johnnes. We have had no diseases on the farm including CL or any abscesses. We do not test on a yearly basis as we do not bring our goats to shows and we only buy new goats from tested herds so there is no exposure. Upon request from a buyer, a goat can be retested.

Our focus is to provide perfect homestead goats.