Chickens were our gateway animal. While I've always wanted

to live on a farm, chickens secured it for me. We still have one

of our original chickens from years ago, and have since

succumbed to chicken math. 

Chicks and limited hatching eggs are available starting early 

spring through early-fall.

Prices are for chicks. 

Click here for pictures of the birds.

Khione Chickens© ($5) - These are our own unique breed of

chicken that we are developing. Our goal is a chicken that is a

good dual purpose bird with a small comb, large consistent

eggs, handles inclement weather well, forages well but

remains friendly, and goes broody. We are aiming for the

perfect homestead chicken for our KY environment. Note: hatching eggs are not currently available. Chicks and older birds that don't make the cut, but will still make great homestead birds, will have limited availability. 

Khione rooster