Sorry - we have retired our females and no longer breed pugs.

Pugs are known as "big dogs in little packages" which describes them perfectly. They don't have little dog syndrome. They are not shakey, yippy, scared dogs. They were bred to sit on the lap of royalty and it shows. Their favorite place is on your lap or at least touching your leg. But they aren't lazy, stand up and they are ready to go!

Our pugs' offspring get complimented everywhere they go. Our puppies are raised in the home with lots of love and attention. They are exposed to dogs, cats, and lots of people. 

What previous buyers are saying about their puppy... 

"Zeus is such a joy to our family. He brings us much love & happiness!"

"[Batman] is one smart guy. I am so impressed."

We take issue with the AKC registration and believe it has created too many inbred dogs and caused too many health issues. That said, our pugs are not AKC registered, but they are 100% pure bred. 

We breed for the love of their little snorty personalities and so others can be bitten by the pug bug! We went to separate states to acquire our pugs to make sure they were not related. None have never had any health issues and do not have the buggy eyes or breathing problems that often require attention (they can make it around our 1 1/2 mile loop with no problem). 

We only breed one litter a year per bitch for the health of our dogs. Our next litter is expected late 2018. 

Puppies are $800. We have prospective parents out when the puppies are 6-7 weeks old to pick out their favorite. A 50% deposit is due at that time to hold the puppy of choice. 

Please note that we do not vaccinate any of our dogs under 14 weeks of age. There is a lot of current research to support this age and modified vaccination schedule. For more info on this topic see https://ivcjournal.com/vaccine-antibody-responses/ and many others if you google "dog vaccination research". 

Current waiting list is roughly 5 years. Please do not email if you do not want to wait 5+ years for a puppy! 

A few puppies from previous litters

Winter 2014

Spring 2015


Many more pictures on our Facebook page

Winter 2016