Good-bye to Estelle

We said good-bye to Estelle today. She went to her new home on the other side of town where I know she will be happier than she was here. Her new home has a herd of Dexters, which I'm sure she'll be happy to be a part of, instead of being the only adult cow here. She is a good cow, I've just decided that cows aren't for us right now. I hadn't thought it through that we'd have 2-3 cows or more (her plus her babies) at all times just to keep her in milk. I also hadn't thought through getting her pregnant. 1) Giving a cow a shot when you don't have a squeeze chute, is not fun. 2) Loading a cow that now doesn't trust you into a trailer to take her to a vet to get inseminated, also isn't fun. She didn't take lightly to all that and has never fully trusted me since then. So many things came together to push me over the edge to find her a new home. I think I found her a really good one though so I'm happy about that. Her new family will be calling her by her previous name, Elsie, so we'll re-use Estelle for our first female goat born on the farm in honor of Katy.

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