Homemade chicken feed - another update

Since writing my last blog post about chicken feed, I've changed things again. I now order from New Country Organics. Since they don't have milo I had to change my recipe a bit. Here is the new one...

1 batch - in lbs

50 wheat

28 oats

28 barley

13 corn

5 rice bran

1 sunflower

1 flax

I also add a small amount of kelp but didn't include above because I don't use it in my protein calculations and don't know how much I use for this size batch.

This recipe works out to ~19% protein. This is what I use in the winter. I plan to remove the corn and replace with split peas in the warm months. This will drop the protein .3% but I'm ok with that.

I also found a used mixer on the street in our town for $50. I mix a 5 gallon bucket at a time. This helps tremendously, not having to hand stir.

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